13 Easy Steps to Remodeling Your Kitchen – the Ultimate Guide

Whether you’re making a new cooking area because you’re selling your home, or you’re just changing the style of the place you live in, this simple guide will come in handy. Learning all the steps to remodeling a kitchen will help you have a smooth and well-organized renovation. Let the space in which you cook be the space you enjoy with your loved ones by renovating it to become more beautiful and practical.

Making a Plan Is One of the Crucial Steps to Remodeling a Kitchen

Start by making a detailed and thorough plan. Really think about how you want your cooking place to look and how you want to use it. If you’re doing this because you want to give your home a fresh look, do some kitchen layout planning and decide which type is the perfect one for your space. Everything is more comfortable with the right kitchen planning tool, so find the best one and eliminate possible mistakes. There are some free online options that you can use for planning like IKEA 3D App or SmartDraw. Also, find out how long it takes to remodel a kitchen on average – and then add some extra time, just in case.

Don’t Forget Budgeting

Your budget will be your primary resource, so don’t let your bank account run dry because of miscalculation. Learn how much a kitchen remodel costs and put everything on paper. Check out the latest kitchen trends of 2020 and the prices of products. That will be a great way to figure out how much it costs to remodel a kitchen DIY, without hiring a contractor. Being in control of the costs will help you have a smooth renovation, without stepping out of your budget.

Prepare for the Days of Remodeling

One of the best ways to be prepared for this work is to have a proper kitchen remodeling checklist. Ask around or Google the best options you have. If you have experience with installations, maybe you can do it yourself. If not – hire an experienced professional who will do that for you so you can be sure that there will be no mistakes.

Preparation also includes things like sending your small kids and pets somewhere else when the sledgehammer part takes place. Keep in mind that you’ll have to empty and defrost your refrigerator, pack your appliances, and establish a temporary cooking area.

Having all tasks in one place will help you stay organized

Decide Whether You Need a Contractor

Firstly you need to decide whether you want to be in charge of the workers, or you want a general contractor to take the wheel. If you’re in charge, know that you will save money, but you’ll also need to have a waking eye at all times. A licensed, insured, and bonded contractor will take care of everything in this project, but it will cost you.

Professional contractors can sometimes cost you 30% of the total expense

Order the Products

Choosing the design, ordering, and waiting for the products to arrive can last up for two months in some cases. It largely depends on whether or not you’re having something custom made for your house or apartment. The key step is to make sure that you have the right measures as well so that this project can be successful.

Decide which design fits the rest of the house or apartment best.

Demolishing Is the First Practical Step

It’s time to make some noise. Before you take the hammer and remove each cabinet, make sure that you’ve turned off the gas, water, and electricity. Empty the cabinets and carefully disassemble the pieces that you want to use after you remodel.

Rough construction of this part of the house or apartment can last up to six weeks

Update Plumbing Fixtures, Electrical Wiring, and Lighting

Plumbing and electrics are essential parts of the cooking area, so use this opportunity to change the old pipes and installations and to place new ones. It would be ideal to hire someone for this project so that everything is done right.

It's best to have a professional who will deal with electrics and plumbing.

Back up Your Wall by Hanging Drywall

The next step of your kitchen remodeling is hanging the drywall. It’s simple, but the dust from it will spread, so cover every piece of furniture around. After the drywall is placed and dried, you can paint the walls. If you hired a designer, this would be their part of the job. If not, keep in mind that the paint is also an additional cost: a typical range is between $400 and $1,100.

Next Step Is the Flooring

This mostly depends on your budget. Linoleum and laminate are cheaper options, while hardwood and ceramic tiles come in as more expensive.

Here’s a bonus tip: Every room in your home should have an appropriate floor, so pick waterproof flooring for the cooking area.

Most people choose laminate flooring when they remodel their home

Install Cabinets and Plan Your Counter Place

Unpack the cabinets and countertops and position them in as you imagined. Different styles of cabinets can help with saving space in case you have a small cooking area. When picking the design of the cabinet, make sure that every door can be opened without bumping into the ones next to it, or choose open shelving if you’re not sure.

Countertops are made from many different materials.

Five Final Steps Before Finishing

There are just a few more steps to remodeling your kitchen before you can enjoy and relax:

1.   Choose the Backsplash

This is the last bigger part of our renovation time frame: the backsplash should be carefully chosen to match both the cabinet and countertops.

2.   Install the Appliances

Regardless of whether you bought new ones or you’re placing the old ones back – this is the time to unpack and install them.

3.   Do the Final Touches

See what details you have left undone and finish them. This includes hardware, painting, baby-proofing, or some other small tasks.

4.   Clean the Kitchen Area

Dusting and cleaning are probably the most tedious part, but it needs to be done. Make sure to clean the appliances before putting them back.

5.   Review Everything That Has Been Done

Go over the room and take a look at the finished project – look at the new design and check if the appliances work. See if any damage has been done to the material, especially if the work wasn’t done by a professional contractor. Once you see that everything is in perfect condition, enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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