What is hardscaping?

Hardscaping is portion of landscaping that includes inanimate objects such as stone, steel and concrete structures. While softscaping or basic landscaping deals with plants and organic design and structure, Hardscaping has to do with the design of items like walls, driveways and backyard features such as gazebos and masonry. Lush Remodeling and Development Inc. knows that a solid structure is important. These items are everyday elements so they have to be built right to last for the fun years to com. They also have to be built for user safety, keeping every member of the household in mind.We build top of the line hardscape features with beauty, practicality, budget and safety in mind.Let us build your concrete and cobbled walkway that will lead your guests into your brand new Outdoor Living space with a wood beamed roof and beautiful tiled floor. Enjoy as they stand in awe, overlooking an intricate landscape of secret walkways and garden walls. Grill some shrimp and steak while your guests listen to your favorite music on your built in, surround-sound, stereo, and sip away the margaritas you made in your new outdoor kitchen. Smile as you watch your kids swimming in your beautiful Infinity pool, building friendships and favorite childhood memories that will last a lifetime. Then lounge in comfort by the warmest outdoor fireplace to watch the most glamorous display of fireworks with the ones you love.Make these joy’s of life come alive.

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Nothing beats having a pool right there in your own backyard. An Infinity pool will not only bring all the joys and laughter but beauty and class to your personal five star resort. From an Island paradise with waterfalls and slides to a quiet spiritual oasis, we have the variety

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Why stop with a pool? Customize your dream Jacuzzi and bring the entire resort experience just steps from your home. From Jacuzzi to Sauna’s to free standing tub’s. Our expert team will help design the spa that blends perfectly to your outdoor living space. Choose a life of luxury.

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The element of water represents peace and tranquility. When in the form of a pond, you have a completed garden eden. Our pond will blend in with your habitat and be built to act as it’s very own natural ecosystem as if it were a natural body of water. And of course, it will be.

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Talk about Oasis. Step outside, sit back, and just relax to the hypnotic sounds of running water. Whether you want a quiet place to clear your thoughts or a visual utopia that will stun all your guests, Lush Remodeling has the knowledge and expertise to install any waterfall you can imagine to.

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