Lush Remodeling Corp. infuses beauty and tranquility, with style and functionality to create a one of a kind, magical landscape.What’s your design influence? Is it Asian, Mediterranean, Tropical, maybe it’s Californian or how about sustainable? Whatever it is let us optimize your outdoor living space. Our design team is educated and experienced in all types of garden, landscapes, and Outdoor living spaces, and they’re here to help you conceive and create the design for your home. Our technicians are also well versed on the types of plants and flowers that flourish in Southern California. We won’t plant or install anything that won’t work with your area’s climate and weather patterns and we’ll make sure that your Lush Remodeling Corp. landscape will withstand elemental changes and seasonal behaviors such as rain and wind, because we want your landscape to stand strong and flourish. So, Step outside and transform yourself to another world.From Water features, floral gardens and Koi fish ponds to desert cacti and palm trees…we can work with you to make your yard a sweet escape for you and your family. And we don’t just stop at backyards. Your front yard is the calling card of your home. Your first impression. It is the first thing people see when they arrive and the last thing they see when they leave. Lush Remodeling and Development will put great care and passion into ensuring that everything we touch will shine.Whether you want to be able to look out to a garden oasis or you want the perfect place to entertain family and friends, Lush Remodeling Corp. can produce it for you. That dedication to quality and our basic understanding for your needs is what sets us apart from our competitors

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Garden Walls

Frame your garden to create a multi-layered, multi-dimensional element that will not only look stunning and creative but also protect your plants. We offer a wide variety of textiles and designs to match your weather they be purely esthetic or functional.

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Line your steps and adorn your yard with stylish free-standing or custom, built-in, planters made to match your theme. Our planters will keep your plants safe and prosperous while adding range and volume to your landscape.

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Turn your patio into an indoor garden, game room or pool house. We offer everything from permanent glass enclosures to basic curtain enclosures incase you want to feel that cool breeze coming in. Add a door or a window or keep it basic but beautiful.

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Nursery Services

The art of choosing the right plants and flowers is just as important as knowing where to place them. Lush Remodeling Corp. landscapers are designers educated and well versed on the various types of plants and flowers and we use only best.

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