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Are you an avid athlete who wants the convenience of stepping out your own backdoor to play an impromptu tennis match or one-on-one game of basketball? Installing a playing surface made of concrete can give you the home-court advantage, putting an end to the long waits for a vacant public court. But aside from convenience, a concrete tennis court offers plenty of other benefits, delivering enduring performance unmatched by its main opponent, asphalt. The decision to install a top-of-the-line concrete court is just the beginning, however. Lush can help you to evaluate your site, determine the type of playing surface you want, choose a surfacing system, and even pick out a color scheme. Lush is the best choice to build the tennis court of your dreams at a fair price!

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Custom Pool & Tennis Court Design

Nothing beats having a pool right there in your own backyard especially right next to your tennis court. Lush is focused on sleek design with functionality. We love combining all our services of hardscape design, pool design, and custom projects like tennis courts to create a dream backyard.

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Tennis Court with attention to detail

Choose to love your backyard! Lush will create the perfect space. Our design team will make the most of your backyard to bring with your vision to life! Enjoy every day loving your view.

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Our Latest Project

Take a look at one of our latest custom Tennis Court projects. Lush demolished over 5000sq ft of an old concrete tennis court and worked its magic with a team of experienced contractors to make this beautiful new court. To complete the enclosed request we built a 300ft x 6ft high concrete wall for privacy. We took much pride on the smooth stucco finish we put on the wall before painting it. There was a rusty old fence that was also demoed and replaced with a new chainlink fence. To learn more about this project click to view the whole process.

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