The Ultimate Kitchen Renovation Checklist

No room in the house is as essential as the place where food is made – apart from looking nice, it should be highly functional, and pleasant to be in. When the time comes to make some changes in your cooking area, a kitchen renovation checklist is something you should put serious work in. So stay with us and see how to do it properly.

Use what you have to remodel, but remember that functionality comes before looks

Kitchen Renovation Checklist Begins With Setting a Budget

When the decision to remodel has been made, the first stage is to do the math and decide how much money you want or can spend on it. All the next steps will depend on the available budget. What materials will you use? Will you leave old appliances or buy new ones? And a bunch of other minor or major dilemmas. So look at it carefully and give it due consideration.

Preparation, Costs, and What Tasks on the Kitchen Renovation Checklist Can Be Done for Free

Once the budget is determined, you can start spending it. Be mindful, though, since expenses can quickly spiral out of control if you suddenly begin following all of the kitchen trends of 2020. Get materials, for sure, but contact the experts or find another way to learn how much the kitchen remodeling costs. In general, the total cost will largely depend on the details such as design, cabinets, bar, and installations.

Still, there are some ways to save a few bucks from the remodeling budget by doing some things on your own. Like tearing the place apart. No one said that remodeling couldn’t be fun.

Kitchen remodeling checklist should always start with a realistic financial plan, it's your home after all

Make a Layout Remodel Plan

Before you contact electricians, plumbers, and other contractors to do skilled work, you should design a new look for the kitchen. Make it a functional, but also harmonious part of your home. After all, it’s where you’ll prepare your meals, and maybe even eat. That can’t be left to chance! So plan the space carefully.

If you wish to have all your bases covered, you may even hire kitchen remodeling experts to help you with the design part. It is an especially sensitive step in case you want to move appliances and sinks. Such a project will require much more money and expertise. And more than likely a permit or two.

Take your time on a project, and make a good design before you contact professionals for sensitive work

Installations and Cabinets

Once the layout is set, it’s time to think about functionality and looks. In other words, appliances, and cabinets. The latter is not much of an issue. The worst thing that can happen with them is that they are ugly or take an inch more than planned.

Electricity and water are different beasts. With them, you can afford no mistakes. The moment you decide to remodel is also the moment to check up on installations. A new appliance may cause the wiring to short-circuit, maybe even spark and burst into flames. Now, that is something nobody wants. It’s similar with plumbing and leaks. Faulty faucets can cause a lot of trouble.

Leave Every Installation to Pros…

What we’re about to say should really go without saying. Unless you’re a skilled professional, never tamper with wiring and plumbing. Electricians know what wiring goes with ovens of this or that amperage, and can set all up accordingly.

On the other hand, no one can connect the pipes like a plumber. So don’t try to save money in those sections of financial planning. Your home and safety are much more valuable than money.

Also, wires and pipes may well determine what can go where. You may have found the perfect spot for the oven, but it wouldn’t be worth a dime if there is no outlet to plug it into.

… But Feel Free to Be a Decoration Master

Once the serious matters are secured and put to rest, you may use your creativity for the other stuff. Stuff that is not a matter of essential functionality. Choose perfect tiles and create a floor and walls. Choose whether you wish your counter to be in oak or turquoise color. And, of course, think about how you wish to remodel cabinets. Materials, color, size, even handles. All that is much more fun than wires.

Not all appliances are the same, and if you want new ones, you'll need to make some adjustments

Perfect Kitchen Turns a Place Into a Home

As we said before, it’s not just any other room. It’s where you cook, where the family or friends may gather over a delicious meal and create some lasting memories. Where you can hone your skills in baking, frying, and cocktail making. And who knows, maybe you become a star of the neighborhood and a go-to guy for home improvements. Not a bad position to be in, eh?

All joking aside, what is important is safety, functionality, and looks. In that order. All the while not ruining you financially. And the key to all that is proper planning.

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