What Is the Best Bathroom Remodeling App?

When looking to update your bathroom’s design or planning its complete renovation, there’s no better way to perform these steps than with the best bathroom remodeling app. Your smartphone or tablet can be a perfect device to keep all your ideas and layouts in, instead of using notepads and papers.

If you’re wondering how to remodel a bathroom, we’ve created a list of the best apps to help you fulfill your goal. Depending on your needs and financial means, you can opt for different software and find the most suitable for your bath.

In the Sea of Free Bathroom Remodeling Apps, Choose the Right One

Fortunately, today you can use many programs for free and create the design you’ve always wanted. With these easy-to-use planners, you can create layouts and floor plans, try different finishes, colors, and materials, and finally, see your designs in 3D.

With Easy Planner 3D Start Your Design from Scratch

This free online room planner is used to design bathrooms, living rooms, or bedrooms but is considered an excellent kitchen planning tool, too. It can be of assistance if you would like to start by editing a sample room or choosing the one from the gallery. Its design process has three stages:

  • Creating physical space that you wish to remodel
  • Adding furniture, equipment, and products
  • Changing decor and materials in 3D
With Easy Planner 3D you can make changes all the time, erasing those you don't like or adding some new more suitable

Create Your New Bathroom from the Floor Plans

Planning your bath from the comfort of your home has never been easier. With online 3D apps, you can create a room structure for privacy, insert doors, windows, and connections, and plan your ideal toilet.

Home Design 3D Can Help Express Your Imagination

Home Design 3D is simple to use and accessible to professionals as well as amateurs. This fantastic application can provide you with professional results at your fingertips.

So, how does it work?

  • You can draw floor plans (in 2D or 3D)
  • Plenty of pieces of furniture and hundreds of textures for furnishing and decorating
  • Visualization in real-time 3D
  • Visiting your project is possible by day and night
  • You can export or import your project

This application is free in the Play Store, but that version won’t let you save your projects. To save them, you need a paid version that unlocks the sharing option on Dropbox and the app’s community website.

Visualize your ideas in 3D

Design The Interior You’ve Always Wanted

Sprucing up your home space is best with applications that have a strong reputation for helping people prepare for home remodeling. Also, some of them can be your connection with professionals and their ideas, no matter where you are.

Houzz Will Make Your Bathroom Trendy

Houzz is considered the leading platform for home remodeling and structure. It’s used by design-build firms, landscape architects, as well as kitchen and bath remodelers. What actually makes Houzz so great?

  • There are more than 10 million photos of interior and exterior which can be browsed by room, style, and location
  • You can read a lot of decor stories, including articles, videos, and forum discussions
  • There is the “Find Pros” tool that allows you to find the best local professionals
  • It’s free
Among many ideas, choose the option to your liking

With Perfect Paint Selection, Your Curbed Bath Will Become Another Story

Since bathrooms are very personal spaces where privacy is the most crucial factor, that should be your criteria when guided by color choices. That being said, depending on your rituals and habits in this room, you should pick the right color. For example, a soft gray is perfect if you want to keep things neutral while adding some edge. If you need more energy vibes, then pistachio color is ideal for you. White color makes your room broader and makes it bigger than it actually is.

Pick, Capture and Recognize Colors with Ben Moore Color Capture App on Your iPhone or Android

This application is straightforward and easy to use. You can take a picture of something that features appealing color and you would like to find the perfect match. After uploading the image into the program, the application will give you a couple of great color suggestions. To find the best results, you should have Ben Moore color fan decks with you. One more useful tip: the color suggestions are most accurate when a photo is taken in sunlight or bright light.

The color makes a difference

When Giving Your Washroom a Facelift, Consider Planning with Bathroom Remodeling App that Measures and Maps the Rooms

Would you like to measure your bath in less than two minutes? With the right apps, it’s possible. And the best thing is that these applications still work over furniture that blocks sightlines.

Calculate the Square Footage of Your Floor Plan Simply and Efficient with Home Sizer

If you need to figure out how many square feet of tile you need for the shower and floors, this tool by Armchair Design is perfect. Even though this application doesn’t require to be used all the time, its measurements and calculations will help you throughout the entire remodeling process.

Plan your remodeling with an application that measures the space

Why It Is Important to Revamp Your Bathroom

The bath is a room where your day starts and finishes before you go to bed. If you’re looking to resell your house, its remodeling may need consideration. The truth is that outdated bathrooms are a real drawback for the seller. Whether you’re choosing a full remodel or just improvement of some specific parts, with a bathroom remodeling app you can’t go wrong.

Changing this room’s look can be drastically mitigated thanks to a variety of handy applications. They provide you a vast choice of ideas, designs, floor plans, photos, furnishing, textures, etc. After making a good bathroom remodel checklist, and turning your idea into the final project, contact construction company’s experts and make your dream come true.

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