7 Kitchen Trends of 2020 You Have to Check Out

Can you even consider yourself an interior design aficionado if you don’t follow the latest kitchen trends 2020 has brought? Somehow, kitchen design trends became a thing, and our kitchens evolved from dull places reserved for cooking to creative design spaces where we love spending our time even if we are not into cooking. So let’s explore the latest trends in 2020.

What is trending in your cooking area?

1. Unconventional Materials – the Hottest Trend in 2020

According to trends, our kitchens are going to be chicer than ever in 2020. Materials such as brass, copper, and leather are coming to enhance the appearance of our kitchen and step up the game. There are so many ideas on how to style them, from decorations to wallpapers.

Extra Tips on How to Style Kitchen Cabinets

You can completely wrap your kitchen cabinets in leather or install brass panels in the middle.  Brass and copper cabinet handles are another way to accent your old furniture and give it a bit of bling.

Industrial vibes and unconventional materials can create a modern look.

2. Wallpapers – Still Trending

Wallpapers have been around for ages. But unlike our grandmothers who used to cover every single wall with them, nowadays, wallpapers are mostly used to accent one wall. This can be convenient for kitchens because usually, you do not have so many empty walls anyway.

Do We Even Cook in Modern Kitchens?

Magazine cover-worthy designer kitchens are probably not so frequently used for cooking, but we all know that even a simple meal can create a huge mess. Hence, these wallpapers might be handy because they are easier for maintenance than walls, and all the stains will probably not pop out so much.

Marble wallpapers are much more affordable than actual marble.

3. Open Shelves and Plate Racks Are Having a Comeback

We are used to putting all the things in our home into cabinets, drawers, closets, etc. But leaving them semi-visible can look really good. If you have plates of a different color, you can arrange them in a specific way. The material and the color will do their magic and transform into an aesthetically appealing wall decoration.

Retro Is Back in Style

With the flood of shabby chic, vintage, rustic, and other similar vibes, we return to the good old-fashioned design. Ask your grandma to see if she has any dishes from the 70s or 80s, and display them on your open shelves. In a second, they will completely change the atmosphere of the room and make it homier.

Things to Keep in Mind

The idea of keeping your plates or glasses uncovered may cause anxiety to those who are afraid of dust. So make sure you wipe them with a cloth before serving a dish on them.

A good thing with open shelves is that you can always see where everything is.

4. Old-Fashioned Wood

Wood is traditionally the ideal material when it comes to home and kitchen furniture. And it will always be in trend. Rarely can a kitchen remodeling project go without it. It gives warmth to space, texture, home vibes, and it is always the right choice if you want to play it safe.

Wood Trends in 2020

Wood in kitchens this season will be mainly present as the material for cabinets painted in white. Although white may seem like it is too hard to maintain, white wood cabinets are easy to clean, and they do not require a lot of work.

Black furniture is one way of giving a twist to some traditional ideas.

5. A Dash of Color

Long gone are the days when the cooking area and all the main appliances were either white or black. Bold colors like royal blue, deep green, or purple are taking over, as well as some pastel and neon shades of pink, yellow, and green. You can style your cooking area and home by mixing white with some color accents. Monochrome style is also in trend, so if you are into any particular color, your space can be completely in shades of one color.

Make Your Kitchen Look More Vibrant

By using open shelves and displaying colorful plates, bowls, cups, and other dishes, you can bring your cooking area design to a whole another level. All-white kitchens are slowly becoming outdated. So embrace some new ideas that will enhance your space.

When you add colors, everything looks more fun.

6. Do Not Forget to Style the Floor

Colorful pattern tiles are having a major comeback over the past few years, and 2020 is still a good year if you want to remodel and add some tiles. Plus, they are way easier to maintain than rugs. They can make the entire space look more modern and trendy.

Mediterranean Vibes and Trends

Your home can also get the style of a Greek tavern or a picturesque Sicilian kitchen if you install tiles with patterns. Or, if you have some more creative ideas, you can order custom painted tiles that go along with the rest of your interior design.

Colorful tiles have a very modern look.

7. Metallic Accents

Metallics are a new trend, but they are here to stay. The creativity of smith workers seems to be flowing, from fixed lighting, decorations, to even dishes. They are nailing it. The world just can’t get enough of metal accents in their home. So if you like rose gold, silver, bronze or golden tones, we have some good news: it is no longer considered kitschy.

How to Use Metallics

Metallics work well in minimal and sleek looking rooms. They are excellent for large surfaces like counter tables, cabinets, but also for details like sink water taps, knobs, and handles, etc.

Range hoods are a great example of how sleek metallics go well with a minimalistic approach.

Are Modern Kitchen Trends in 2020 the Right Fit for You?

A lot of times, people are hesitant to make some more radical changes in the visual appearance of their living and working area. We get so used to our good old design that we do not even notice that it is time for a revamp. Nowadays, there are so many new design options available that it is a shame not to experiment. Start with small changes, to see how you like it, and then gradually upgrade it.

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