Pool Remodeling Ideas – A Short Homeowner’s Guide

Those homeowners who are lucky enough to have them know that pools can be a blessing and a curse, for several reasons. In a way, it is an investment that never ends, so if you have decided to upgrade your backyard setup, we have some pool remodeling ideas you might like.

Whether you're changing the design or just doing some minor improvements, make sure to check out our guide.

When Is the Right Time for Remodeling

Pools don’t really come with a best before date, but after a while, they will start showing signs of deterioration. Besides that, trends change, and good old rectangular models can seem pretty outdated and boring. So, sooner or later, you’re going to start thinking about making some changes, whether they are necessary or cosmetic. When you notice some spots that can’t be removed, discolorations, cracking, flaking, or rust stains, you should start working on them as soon as possible. Every material has its lifespan, so when is the right time for a renovation?

  • Concrete – after 10-15 years
  • Vinyl – after 10-15 years
  • White plaster – after 5 to 15 years
  • Exposed pebble – after 15 years
  • Polished finishes – after 5 to 15 years
Do you want to change the look of the exterior of your home? Consider investing in the deck area.

Can You Remodel an Inground Pool?

Inground models are everyone’s favorite, and having one can add significant value to your property. But what if the future owner doesn’t like it? Can it be remodeled? Of course. The final outcome of pool remodeling depends on your preferences: do you want to increase the depth, change the shape, or add some new features? At the end of the day, with the right contractors, it is all doable.

Professional contractors can turn every idea into reality.

How to Renovate a Swimming Pool: Is Resurfacing Necessary?

Do you remember the days when building a pool seemed like a never-ending process? Well, if you don’t organize well, renovating it might cost you even more time and energy. One of the most complex parts of renovation is resurfacing, that is, if you really want to transform its appearance. You have several options if you have an inground concrete model coated with plaster, fiberglass, pebble, or tiles. You can start either by removing the existing layer, bond coating, and sand or hydro blasting the entire existing surface. Each approach has pros and cons, so it is best to consult your concrete contractors and find the best possible solution.

Resurfacing is not always necessary, but make sure to consult your contractors.

Five Great Pool Remodeling Ideas

Whether you’re looking for ideas for a small backyard pool or a pool in the front yard here are some suggestions that could enhance your outdoor space.

#1 Shape Design Upgrade

This is one of the most common renovations, and although the rectangular shape is very convenient and straightforward, times have changed, and it is now often perceived as outdated or boring. If you’re not afraid to start this adventure, keep in mind that the bigger the change you want, the more it will cost you. The kidney shape is very trendy right now, as well as all kinds of ovals with a softer and more creative appearance.

#2 Extend the Season by Installing a Heater

Adding a heater will allow you to swim in your backyard even during the preseason. The costs depend on the type of heater and its properties. Every installation is different, as well as maintenance and their level of energy-efficiency. Some types you should consider are:

  • Gas heaters
  • Solar panels
  • Electric resistance heater
  • Heat pump

#3 Swimming In a Saltwater Pool

Converting traditionally chlorinated pools into saltwater ones is something that many people have on their wish list. That is the closest they’ll get to swimming in the ocean without leaving their backyard. However, the concentration of salt is never as high as the salinity of the sea. Also, you’ll still have to use chlorine for sanitizing.

#4 Follow Trends, Choose Contemporary Tiles

Do you have those classic tiles in two or three shades of blue? They are nice, but have you thought about changing your tile design and playing with colors more? Options are numerous, from just small details in other colors to some completely crazy designs. Ask your designer to help you come up with something unique.

#5 Post-Renovation Landscaping

Renovating the surrounding decking area is equally important because it contributes to the final look of your outdoor oasis. Take a look at some landscaping tips for beautifying and transforming your patio, or consider installing a gazebo or a lounge area with a fire pit.

Whether you change the tile design, install a heater or modernize the deck, it is going to be worth it.

How Do You Modernize a Pool? New Water and LED Features

Some of the most popular renovations include installing colorful LED lights and new water features. LED lights are energy-efficient, and they are the cheapest option to transform your swimming area, without too much hard work. Other popular additions include waterfalls, sprayers, and scuppers. They are easy to install and come at a reasonable price, but they use extra electricity and increase water evaporation.

Lights can make everything look much better when the night falls.

What Is the Average Cost of a Pool Remodel?

The price span is vast, and numerous factors can affect it. It all depends on the amount of work you want to get done. Pools and waterfalls often require a lot of additional work that includes renovating entire decks and patios, adding artificial grass, so it all adds up, and the initial costs can go up pretty quickly. It usually takes around seven days to finish a renovation, but weather conditions can often extend that.

The final cost depends on how much you're willing to invest: the more things you add, the more it will cost.

Is It Worth Renovating?

Investing in your outdoor space always pays off, and not just in terms of property value. It is an investment in quality time you’ll spend outside with your loved ones. Whether you like to swim or just lounge by the water and soak up the sun, you want that space to look appealing and match your lifestyle. Therefore, these types of home improvements are always an investment worth making.

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