A Short Guide to Pool Remodeling

According to official data, there are 10.4 million private and 309,000 public swimming pools in the US. That being said, it’s evident that Americans like swimming – it is ranked as the fourth most common physical activity. You may already have a place to swim, but have you been thinking about pool remodeling lately? If so, why wait? Your home and its outdoor space should get the look you’ve always wanted.

Having a pool in your backyard is not just a matter of prestige. The possibility to take a swim or just relax on a hot summer day can have a tremendously positive influence on your health. If you are wondering whether it’s time to redo your swimming and lounge area, keep reading and find out what steps you should do to refresh its look.

There’s no better place to take some time out than the tranquil atmosphere of your yard

Signs That Pool Remodeling Might Be a Smart Investment

If you’re dealing with funky smells and a dirty surface of the water on a daily basis, know that there are several reasons for that:

  • Perhaps the filters are clogged
  • The tiles might be eroded as a result of mold or slime at the bottom
  • If the water level isn’t consistent, it could be a sign of an underlying issue
  • The quality of water might not be up to standards

These are all signs that your pool could use hardscape remodeling.

If the water does not resemble the color of the ocean, your favorite spot requires a makeover

Become a Proud Owner of a Full-Resort Style Pool

It’s no secret why so many people wish they had private pools – it’s like having your own private resort where you can escape everyday worries. If you belong to this group, then you might be dreaming about a “staycation” experience rather than spending your vacation somewhere abroad. With full-resort style pools, miracles are possible. But, what exactly is a full-resort style?

These are luxurious pools that fit the resort-style home decor. If your dream is to have one in your backyard, keep in mind that they are quite pricey and not necessarily large. We can explain why this is so – remodeling the outdoor area into a full-resort style requires several elements that need to be perfectly in sync. These are:

  • Finding the right size
  • Adding posh furniture to match the design
  • Water-relaxing features
  • Shade options
  • Tropical ambiance for a complete experience
  • Outdoor dining
  • Seclusion
Full-resort style pools are perfect for luxury house designs

Build a Private Oasis Next to Your House

Whether you are longing for your private piece of paradise where you could boost your energy or just want to have a place equipped with all necessary elements to provide you with relaxed moments, it’s up to you to choose the right model.

The truth is your enjoyment will be complete only if all required elements are there. So, before you pick your favorite style and decking options, let’s check whether your leisure area needs some structural adaptations and alterations.

First, Consider Replastering

Depending on the way the original pool was installed and on how well it has been maintained, the average gunite swimming pools require replastering every seven to 12 years. How could you know if it’s time to replaster? If the tiles have become green or brown instead of azure blue, then it is the best moment to carry out some replastering work.

This is not an easy job, but it could be a DIY project. However, if you think you don’t have enough time, experience, or patience to perform it by yourself, don’t worry. Professionals and experts who specialize in home remodeling and renovation are always a smart option if you’re in need of excellent service.

Choose Amazing Features for Decking Your Pool

Imagine having a waterfall in your backyard. Why stop at just one when you can have as many as you want? Yes, it’s possible to have your haven crammed with features whose purpose is not only decorative but also to provide you with luxury and happiness.

Most water features you can imagine are achievable. They won’t only help you freshen up during the hot summer months, but they will also give you privacy and the possibility to forget about the daily worries. Create your personal haven far away from traffic jams and loud noise by choosing between several options, such as:

  • Waterfall features
  • Water slides
  • Swimming/spa combos

There’s nothing better than a bubbling spa for drowning out sounds from the outside world. So, don’t wait – grab the opportunity to enrich your haven with a serene atmosphere – just make sure to add your favorite amenities and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

A Pond in Your Backyard for Stress-Free Moments

Imagine your backyard garden pond with running water, goldfish, and floating plants. It’s easier to maintain than it might sound. If you have some ideas on how to perform this project properly, just go for it. But, make sure not to skip any step in the process – protect from runoff, lay the underlayment, add an extra filler, pack the soil under the liners, etc. It sounds a bit complicated, doesn’t it?

Your fairytale pond should last more than several years, so consider hiring skilled professionals and don’t worry about a thing. Their efficiency will save you time and probably money, too.

A pond in your garden is an excellent spot for isolation

Complete Pool Resurfacing

If you’re not impressed with the existing structure in your yard, you shouldn’t worry – it can become attractive and pleasing to the eye again. It might just need some rejuvenation. With complete resurfacing, your chill-out area will look as it once did or even better.

The most exciting part of this process is that you can opt for the desired finishes. It doesn’t need to consist of only one color or simple, boring plaster material. The possibilities are endless. Besides the appropriate color and texture of the tile, there are a variety of materials available nowadays, such as:

  • White and colored plaster
  • Plaster and quartz combinations for superior strength
  • Exposed aggregate pebble finishes
  • Polished finishes
  • High-end glass bead bends
Imagine your pool with mosaic tile texture as the bottom of a mountain spring covered in pebbles

Full Enjoyment Just a Step Away From Your Living Room

Regardless of whether you purchased a home with a pre-existing structure or you installed it at some point, you should know that older pools could be expensive to maintain. Luckily, remodeling can be affordable. On top of that, it can save your money on utility costs in the long run. Also, future repairs won’t be as common as before – actually, there probably won’t be any at all. With new features and a fantastic deck, you will never want to leave your garden. Don’t keep putting it off – life is too short to wait for nice things to happen. Live a beautiful life now.

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