Benefits of the Solar System for Home Electricity

There are plenty of home-related investments that do not pay off, but a solar system for home electricity is not one of them. We are sure you have seen inverter power panels on roofs even in your neighborhood because today, people are more aware of how important it is to use alternative means that are more eco-friendly and sustainable.

Besides, this is an excellent option for people who live in nature, far from the main roads. So, if you are in doubt, you do not know how much it is going to cost you, or how much you can save or gain with solar panels, we are here to help.

Benefits of the Solar System for Home Electricity

Counting the Benefits of the Solar System for Home Electricity

We all know that this system saves money in the long run, but that is certainly not the only benefit. Here are some other things that can help you get to know the system and its perks a bit better.

Solar Panels Can Save You Money

How much you are going to save depends a lot on the size of the solar panel systems you are installing. It is estimated that an average household in the US uses 920 kWh every month. With Lush Remodeling and Developments, an average installation accounts for even 840 kWh per month. Your bills for electricity can be decreased significantly, so this is a highly cost-effective solution.

Save on Electric Power Even If You Live off the Grid

There are so many beautiful yet remote locations where there is no access to electricity. With solar panels, you can settle wherever off-grid you want, because you can rely on them to produce enough clean energy for different purposes. Living off-grid means that you will not be in the grid-tied system. Instead, you will rely on a battery that will store the energy during the night.

The Minute You Install Solar Panels, the Value of Your Home Increases

Although solar panels are not as rare as they were before, they still cannot be found in the majority of households. Hence, these utility devices can increase the market value of your home significantly. Buyers are more attracted to places that already have installed systems because then they do not have to bother with it, and they can start saving energy from day one.

The Best Systems for the Environment

One of the causes of global warming is carbon dioxide emission, and on average, every household in the US generates around 7.4 tons of carbon dioxide through electrical use. Solar panel-derived electric power is much cleaner since it doesn’t emit any gases, so your carbon footprint will be significantly lower.

You Can Sell the Energy You Produce

That is right, you do not have to keep it all for yourself, you can sell the power you produce. Solar-generated power can be sold to utilities through the so-called net-metering plans. However, regulations and policies for net metering vary from one region to another, so check that, too.

Guaranteed Performance

Many people are concerned about how long these systems can work and will they ever pay off. The good news is that pretty much every manufacturer offers a performance warranty for 20 to 25 years. According to the industry standard, 80% of performance is guaranteed after 25 years.

They Are Not Noisy

Once you are done with the installation, you can relax and forget about what is on your roof, because these panel systems do not produce any noise. Wind turbines are another source of clean energy, but they produce so much noise around them, which is why they are always so secluded.

Earn Tax Credits

Your system can cost less because even 30% of the total costs will be given back to you as a federal income tax credit, as soon as you file your taxes. So if your system is worth, for example, $21.000, you will save $7000. Additionally, you can also use state and local rebates to cut down the costs, as well as solar renewable energy credits.

Things You Need to Know Before Installing a Solar Energy Panel

Although the entire process seems pretty straightforward, there are some things you need to think about before you put your roof into work.

  • Tree shade. Think about the existing ones, but also about the younger ones that are still growing in yours and your neighbors’ backyard.
  • The condition of the roof. Older roofs may not be suitable for supporting such systems, so perhaps you should repair them or replace them first. A company can refuse to install an inverter system if the roof on your home does not fulfill its safety standards.

Homeowner association restrictions. This varies from one state to another, but many HOAs have certain restrictions, or you need to get their approval before the installation of the system starts.

How Much Will the Installation Cost Me?

The good news for everyone who considers installing this system is that the prices are dropping. The cost of installation of these energy-saving systems is currently at the lowest point in the last ten years. Before, it was much easier for a company to invest in a utility like these inverter panels than for a family. However, it is still an expensive solar investment, but it is now becoming more available to residents who are looking to invest their money smart and benefit in the long-run.

The Bottom Line

If you can afford it, go for it. There are no side effects or negative consequences of using it, and it is an investment you can make without any risks. The world aspires to rely more significantly on electric power sources like these that are safe for the environment, sustainable and renewable. They are quiet and require little to no maintenance, they work for us and instead of us.

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