5 Small Backyard Patio Ideas

With the coming of sunny days, you’re probably thinking more about the tiny and unimpressive area behind your house. With the beautiful weather, evenings and nights become more pleasant, tempting you to spend as much time outside of your home as possible. Luckily, we have a few small backyard patio ideas that will breathe new life into the space in the back of your house

So, if you’re wondering how to create your own landscape haven, we’re here to help, whether you have golden hands and are planning a DIY patio makeover or choose to rely on designers and skilled experts and avoid a mess. We’ve put together some tips and suggestions on how to transform your dull and monotonous outdoor area into a landscaping dream and a spot for delightful moments.

Why Add a Patio to Your Small Backyard?

If you’re yearning for a personal outdoor oasis but think that your tiny yard just doesn’t have what it takes for that role, think again. Here are a few proven facts when it comes to having a small backyard deck:

  • It’s an excellent place to unwind
  • It’s an all-season outdoor spot
  • It is an entertainment spot
  • It adds value to your home

There are many types of patios, so you can choose the one that suits you and your yard the most. Let’s check out a few designs that might be perfect for you and your family.

Transform the empty space behind the house into a place for enjoyment

Fire Pit or Multi-Level Designs With Brick or Poured Concrete?

If your dream is to have a fire pit in your garden, you should consider its size beforehand. Yes, the pit can be smaller or larger, but keep in mind that if it’s too small, it won’t produce enough heat to get everything going, and if it’s too large, you and your guests will have difficulty conversing due to distance. So, here’s a good rule of thumb:

  • Smaller pits are around 3 feet wide, while larger ones can be up to 6 feet wide
  • If you want to have an above-ground fire pit, it should be 12-14 inches tall, and if you want to sit on its edge, 18-20 inches will do just fine

When planning your patio’s design, you should think about available materials, too. Concrete is the most traditional yet very flexible choice, so you can always choose to pour a simple concrete slab. Also, adding some textures and patterns is an option, but for that, you should learn to apply certain techniques.

Your porch can get an interesting look if you install multi-level concrete brick planters, steps, and sitting walls. For a multi-level brick patio, your yard doesn’t have to be large, and those levels can make the landscape seem bigger. Besides, due to multiple levels, these landscaping patios are usually the perfect places for entertainment.

A fire pit can be an excellent solution for fun and entertaining.

Some Small Backyard Patio Ideas You Can Actualize on Your Own or by Hiring Professionals

If you like to create new things and have some experience in it, redesigning your outdoor area can be super fun. It is an opportunity to relax and be productive at the same time. But, if you just want to get a beautiful place for leisure time as soon as possible, you should contact remodeling professionals and hire people with knowledge and experience. If you haven’t been blessed with a green thumb, call us: we can make all your landscaping wishes come true.

#1 Turn Your Backyard Patio into a Sauna

What do you think about having a sauna at home and being able to use it whenever you want? Or you can invite your friends over to join you, too? Well, it’s doable. Whether you want a two- or one-person sauna, this feature will transform your ordinary yard into a luxurious amenity.

#2 Install an Outdoor Shower

After the sauna and a good sweat session, you need a refreshing shower. So, the possibility of using a sauna and an outdoor shower behind your house might be everything you need to improve your mood and health. Also, this installation can be enough on its own, too. A cool shower will be everyone’s first choice during hot summer days; on the other hand, it can dramatically increase the value of your home.

#3 Patios With a Multipurpose Design

Do you imagine your porch as a place where you can enjoy your meals, have relaxing moments, and grow your plants? If so, design your garden in a way that makes all these options possible in one contained spot. You just need to fix your old table and chairs or buy some well-preserved furniture in an antique shop or flea market, and you’re ready to transform this natural setting into a living or dining room straight out of design catalogs.

#4 Rustic Wooden Furniture Features for Ultimate Coziness

You don’t need to have ample outdoor space to transform it into a magical world where miracles happen. Even a tiny porch in a city can transport you someplace else if you have appropriate wooden, rustic furniture and hang romantic string lights. Just add some pillows and thick rugs, and fun can begin. You can use this space as a room for a break or equip it with comfortable chairs and a handy table and enjoy some ice cream and coffee with your friends.

#5 Be Creative and Make DIY Hanging Planters

Maybe you don’t have the ground space to grow your potted plants, but still want to create a spot where you can relax and watch your flowers blossom. You can solve this issue by taking on a DIY hanging planter project – just get some inexpensive planters and wrap them in vintage scarves, which you will use to hang them on the wall.

Attractive wooden chairs and a table can transform an ordinary porch into a charming living room

Having a Beautiful Outdoor Patio Can Boost Your Mood

Recent studies have found that only five minutes in nature can significantly improve your mood. It doesn’t matter whether you have ample outdoor space, go for a run along the river, or just sit outside – spending time in a natural setting helps lower negative emotions. Having a special place to relax is an important fact when thinking about your life and health.

Your private porch can be an excellent spot to spend pleasant moments with your family, friends, or by yourself, and that’s why you should consider these small backyard patio ideas, no matter the size of the space you’re working with. If you have a chance to create your own happy place, go for it.

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