Remodeling a Small Bathroom – Everything You Need to Know

On the long list of things to remodel, bathrooms are rarely in the top three. First comes the kitchen, then the living room, bedroom, then again the kitchen, and so on. That’s because, out of all places, bathrooms can be the trickiest ones to renovate, especially when they aren’t large. When remodeling a small bathroom, its tiny size can easily turn out to be the biggest problem. So if you want to know how to do it stress-free and successfully, take a look at our guide.

Bathrooms are not always big, but we can help you get the most out of their use.

When Is the Right Time to Redesign?

Does yours look like it is still stuck in the 80s? Do the tiles look older than you? When exactly is the right time for bathroom remodeling? Here are some signs that might indicate you should start thinking about it:

  • The layout is not too functional
  • It’s too dark inside
  • Faucets are leaking
  • The design is outdated
  • There’s mold around corners
  • There’s visible damage
  • You want to increase the home value
Just like the rest of your home, the toilet area also requires renovation.

How Do You Go About Renovating a Small Bathroom?

How to remodel a bathroom and get the most out of those few square feet you have? Start by removing and tearing down everything that needs to be replaced, from floor to ceiling, including fixtures. Then, professionals can step in to do all the plumbing work, as well as electricians. Chances are low you’ll get to avoid having to break some walls, but on the bright side, installing drywall is not so expensive.

The tile flooring are something that you can do on your own with a bit of research, but if you’re investing in premium materials, better leave it to pros. After that, professionals need to hook up all wiring and toilet plumbing related fixtures,  and then you can think about installing cabinets and arranging everything. The lack of space will be your biggest obstacle, so try to keep it minimal.

If a bathtub is too much, install a shower with glass doors.

Renovating Ideas: Use a Glass Wall Instead of a Shower Curtain and More

A smaller space doesn’t mean you have fewer options for renovating. You have to be wiser and try to open up the space and make it look bigger. Here are some ideas on how to achieve that.

#1. Install a Window Above the Shower

Installing a window will increase the amount of natural light and make the room look brighter and more spacious. However, we are aware that this is not always possible, especially if you don’t live in a house.

#2. Install a Glass Shower Door Instead of Curtains

Colorful shower curtains are cute, and they hide your shower well, but they are actually making the room look even smaller. Install a sliding glass shower door or a wall instead, and its transparency will contribute to the overall feeling of spaciousness.

#3. Dare to Combine Bare Cement Walls and Brass Water Fixtures

If you’re keeping up with interior design trends, you’re aware that industrial chic is taking over every corner, including toilets. Textured gray cement walls can look a bit rough, but don’t worry; brass fixtures and a sink would compliment them well and give everything a cozy atmosphere.

#4. Hang a Large Mirror If There’s No Room for a Bigger Window

A large mirror can provide an optical illusion of a bigger space, which is exactly what you need. If possible, place it opposite a window, to increase the amount of natural sunlight and brightness. Make sure to match the mirror frame with the materials used for fixtures and sink, and keep it all within the same tone.

#5. One Last Tip: Take a Before and After Photo

Whether you’re doing this as a DIY project or leaving the complete renovation to professionals, make sure to take photos before and after the whole process. It will help you realize just how much you transformed your home, and it will also be easier to notice mistakes in the previous layout.

Add some fake plants around your sink to create urban jungle vibes.

Makeover on a Budget: Add a New Tile Design

Ceramic tiles can be pricey, but you can always find some more affordable ones. Also, you can redo only one wall and add tiles in a different color, or play with their arrangement to create an interesting tile pattern or effect on a wall or even floor. You can also use vinyl stickers to transform walls and tiles; just pick the design you like carefully, and go with simple and clean ideas such as stripes.

How Long Does It Take to Renovate a Small Bathroom?

If your bathroom remodel checklist is long and full of work for your contractors, you need to count on at least a full week of work, or even more. In case you’re doing it all on your own, it will certainly take more time than you imagined. Experienced contractors know how to work fast and be efficient, so if you’ve never done anything similar around the house, leave it all to pros.

Playing with the floor tile pattern is a good way to mix things up a bit.

How Much Does It Cost to Renovate a Small Bathroom?

Having a smaller space doesn’t mean that the costs will be lower, but there are some ways to cut them. A lot of things depend on the extent of the renovation. Are you doing just a few cosmetic touch-ups, or you’re basically redoing everything from scratch? There’s a cheaper alternative for everything, but it doesn’t always pay off in the long run.

How Much Does It Cost to Remodel a 5×7 Bathroom?

For smaller spaces, you can expect to pay anywhere between $2,500 and $10,000. If you are handy and good with home DIY projects, you can save some extra money. Contact several contractors to get an estimate and pick the best offer.

If you decide to take this step, it could significantly increase the value of your house or apartment and the quality of your life.

Is It Worth Renovating It?

Keep in mind that this is not something you’ll do every year or two. When the work is done thoroughly and properly, it should be able to last for at least a decade. So if you’ve decided to do it now, do as much as you can afford; it will save you some time and pay off in the long run. Also, if you would like to sell your home in the near future, keep in mind that the average ROI for a bathroom remodel is more than 50%.

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