4 Landscaping Ideas for the Front of the Home – Plan Your Next Yard

Have you gotten bored with the look of your current outdoor space? Have you been thinking about some new landscaping ideas for the front of your home lately?

If so, we’ve put together a few interesting and popular remodeling options to take into consideration, depending on the size and shape of your front yard, your preferences, and your budget. What’s more, you can select your own type of lawn and landscape as well as the type of plants and flowers that work well with the area’s climate and weather pattern.

The Story Behind the Landscaping Ideas for the Front of the Home

Did you know that the grass lawn as a status symbol has its roots in European aristocracy? The so-called “green carpet” represented a sign of power and elitism, and weeding grass was a requirement. As time passed by, a variety of factors caused grass lawns to gain in popularity, such as:

  • The Industrial Revolution, which resulted in the first lawnmower
  • The “father of American landscape design,” Frederick Law Olmsted, who designed suburbs where each house had its little, simple lawn
  • Games such as golf, which became much more prevalent in North America, as a consequence of fewer working hours
  • The founder of Levittown (the “ideal” of American suburbia in the late 1940s and early 1950s), Abraham Levitt, who created the first suburb with healthy lawns, highlighting the importance of maintaining a perfect lawn

Having in mind all these historical facts, it’s easy to conclude that front gardens have always made a strong first impression. Let’s find out what kind of benefits and changes your lawn might bring in case you decide to create the perfect one:

  • Increasing the value of your property
  • Improving your mental and physical wellbeing
  • The possibility to express yourself creatively
  • Caring for nature

So, if you would like to know what type of front yard might be most appropriate for your house, keep reading and pick the solution that suits you best.
But before we move on to our four general suggestions, we’d like to mention some basic landscaping tips for those that are new to this type of renovation work.

Consider the Right Front-Yard Landscaping Design for a Small Garden

Small gardens might have a lot more potential than you realize. If you include some of the following tips into your layout, your small space can be transformed into an incredible flowerbed:

  • Use a wall to add lushness where ground space is limited
  • Choose a more monochromatic scheme of cooler colors when selecting plants
  • Lighting is vital to extend the use of your space well into the night

Front vs. Backyard Landscape

The front and back outdoor areas have different purposes, and that’s why renovation needs to be tailored to each one individually. The space in front of your home is all about curb appeal, while the backside space can be a place for outdoor living, water features, gardening, relaxing, etc.

Furthermore, since the front yard is there to make the first impression, many homeowners want to add some attractive plants or trees for an appealing look. Sometimes, they choose to use bushes instead of a fence to define their property borders. Achieving privacy is a bit harder here than behind the house – and that issue can be solved in your discussions with designers or contractors.

The space in the back is usually much more private and spacious, so you don’t have to worry about many factors. That’s why your backyard space can be designed basically any way you want.And as far as the front portion of your outdoor home space is concerned, we’d like to share with you a few attractive solutions.

Front lawn can change both neighborhoods and your own landed property

#1 Garden Walls

The purpose of garden walls is to divide the installed feature and the rest of the scenery. As a combination of strength and stability, they offer endless layout potentials to enhance your surroundings. There are several garden walls you can opt for:

  • A segmental wall block radius – defines space and provides a scenic spot
  • Natural stone or paver and a cap – ideal for replacing the old, worn-out edging
  • A retaining wall – serves as a garden wall and merges structure with nature
These walls have both the reinforcing and decorative function

#2 Outdoor Planters and a Flower Bed

Whether you prefer stylish free-standing or custom, built-in planters, flowerpots will keep your plants safe and adorn your lawn. This is a great chance to liven up your lawn with an explosion of color and texture and play around with different designs and styles.

Ideas for Garden Beds – Rustic Log Planters

If you have a stump or a log, you can use it to enliven a specific area in front of your house. While a log planter looks impressive on its own, it will also attract attention in a rustic cottage garden.

Flowerbeds are excellent decoration in front of the house

#3 Lighting in Your Yard

Lighting is a nice touch that will provide a unique experience and joy in the evening hours. It will also highlight the focal points in the design and emphasize the architectural features of your house that are the most striking. Thanks to LED lighting transformers, you can have color-changing features and different moods with lighting based on the calendar date or season.

Good lighting can bring the most appealing spots of your yard to the spotlight

#4 Great Foundation Planting Will Expand Your Garden Visually

Placing wide beds at the base of your house will provide the space for a tiered planting effect. It can help with the transition from the facades to the ground in a much more graceful way. Foundation planting can be an excellent frame for an ideal picture of your house and the natural environment. As a bonus, it works great in smaller yards.

A backyard gives you more freedom when it comes to renovation

What To Do If Water Resources Are Limited?

Even if you live in an area with tropical summers or with limited water supplies, you can still decorate your outdoor space to your liking. Planting drought-resistant flowers and foliage can be an excellent solution. You will be delighted that even roses, rosemary, thyme, and lavender do perfectly well with little watering.

So, how can you style your lawn if the use of water should be minimal? Consider applying some of the following landscaping tips:

  • Look for appropriate soil
  • Water at the right time
  • Use the right amount of water
  • Plant flowers that need less water
  • Use the best watering techniques for your plants
  • Collect rainwater and reuse old water
  • Replace your grass with gravel and stone
  • Plant ornamental grasses which are perfect for low-water gardens
If you like gardening, you can create your dream place

Should You Hire Professionals or DIY?

When it comes to landscaping, inspiration is one of the essential things when remodeling. Whatever you choose as the most suitable option, keep in mind that jumping into this project without enough forethought can end up as a mess instead of a perfect landscape gardening concept.

Another crucial question has to do with hiring a professional team or turning it into a DIY project. Make your decision after weighing the pros and cons of both options. If you have enough time, but you’re on a tight budget, then creating your own paradise yourself might be the right choice. But, if your family and work occupy most of your time, an educated designer and landscape contractor will do the most challenging part instead of you. Their skills, experience, and professional approach will make your dreams come true, and you will avoid potential mistakes and screw-ups.

Keep in mind that complicated and more demanding solutions are pricier and require more time to be finished

A Good Design Says a Lot About Your Family and Your Property Value

Landscaping ideas for the front of your home play an essential role in setting the tone both for curb appeal and for how your property will be perceived. An appealing design can say a lot about the people who live in the house and how they feel about their residence. That being said, a house with an excellent ratio of plant beds and trees to lawn areas and a good range of colors will create a more attractive property than merely covering your front space with a tree or grass.

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