10 Bathroom Trends in 2020 You Have to Check Out

Giving your bathroom a beautiful new look is an inescapable part of any successful home remodeling project, and it’s not so straightforward as it may seem at first glance. As with most other projects, it starts with a good idea. Luckily, there are certain bathroom trends in 2020 you should check out.

Some of them can help your room pop with color, while others are more suitable for minimalistic aesthetics. There is a variety of patterns, textures, and prints to choose from. We made a list that can help you find the perfect style that will express your personality and suit all of your needs.

#1 Black Is in Style When It Comes to Light Fixtures

Color gray has been extremely popular in remodeling projects in the last few years. However, that is about to change. This year is all about bolder and darker styles. Black is the next big thing, and it can be seen mostly in light fixtures. Matte black especially fits the modern farmhouse look and also creates high contrast against white objects.

A Variety of Modern Light Fixtures Will Give Bathrooms a Personal Touch

Including light fixtures in your bathroom remodeling project is an easy and cheap way to upgrade. Installing miniature scones, or small chandeliers and hanging bulbs can greatly improve the vibe of the area.

When it comes to chandeliers, you don’t have to pick the biggest one to illuminate every corner. Nowadays there are much smaller ones on the market. Since your energy usage will increase with all that lighting, think about getting energy-efficient bulbs, and reduce electricity usage up to 80%.

Color black is one of the up-and-coming trends in 2020.

#2 Industrial Styled Sinks Are One of the Bathroom Trends in 2020

This is the year of industrial-style sinks, and while the vibe they give out is not for everyone, it is still increasing in popularity. This is an edgy and classy trend that goes nicely with the smooth and modern look you want. People with smaller apartments will find industrial sinks ideal for their bathrooms.

Industrial sinks will fit just fine in your home.

#3 Unique Tile Patterns Are the Way to Go

Manufacturers can create all sorts of designs. However, now they are changing traditionally shaped tiles into something unique. Now you have lots of shapes to choose from, not only the basic subway or large format tile. Pick arabesque, chevron patterns, hexagons, or Moroccan fish scales in totally innovative colors and textures. Check out some ideas online and get creative; you can have these tiles on your walls or ceiling in no time.

You Can Put Tiles on Just One Wall

People used to tile their whole bathrooms in the last few years, from top to bottom. But now, rather than tiling the entire area, you can use them on just one wall. Add an unexpected design to your room by putting tiles halfway up the wall, or around mirrors. This small adjustment will bring a chic vibe to the area.

With a new and unique design of tiles, your home will look fun and welcoming.

#4 Wood Is Trendier Than Ever

Warmer tones are making their way back, especially wooden ones. Different shades of wood fit nicely with blue, white, darker colors and green, making the space more elegant. Besides, it complements this year’s rising industrial and vintage styles.

There Are Few Ways You Can Mix Wood Tones

Before you hire a remodeling and renovation company to help you fix up the bathroom, know that using wood tones can be a double-edged sword. However, if you realize your ideas the right way, wooden tones will create an eclectic vibe that compliments your whole area:

  • Make sure that finishes compliment each other – find wood elements that work together. Warm undertones like mahogany and cherry blend the right way, while cool undertones of maple and pine fit together.
  • Maintain the grain – there are two types of grain: open and closed. Open-grain wood gives out a casual, almost rustic vibe, while the closed grain is great for more sophisticated places.
  • Softer edges create a welcoming vibe – just use fabrics like rugs, pillows, and curtains to make space seem softer.
Know that wood can be mixed with fabrics like rugs or curtains.

#5 Spice up Your Space With Some Color

Putting a color or two will make the area pop, and it will go nicely with fixtures, accessories, and neutral shade furniture. The color you choose will set a specific mood for the room. Green brings more nature and wellness feel, while some other colors can be inspiring and motivating.

Kitchen Will Meet Bathroom Trends in 2020

Speaking of color, blue and green kitchens are becoming more and more popular, and that trend is spilling over to the bathroom designs. No more white color furniture – soothing and warm cabinets are in.

Experiment With Quirky Wallpapers

All that color your space needs can be in the form of the wallpapers. Take a leap of faith and use bold patterns. Mix and match a quirky wallpaper with geometric floor tiles or get a darker palette and create moody aesthetics.

Calming wallpaper design or color can give out a wellness feel.

#6 It’s the Right Time for Big Bathtubs

If you have enough space, why not use it to install a big bathtub? Relaxing after a long day is easier when you have one. Nowadays, Jacuzzi style tubs are not as popular as they used to be, but they are not the only choice that will give you the big space you deserve.

Get Different Tub Shapes

You might think that tubs come in oval and pill shape. However, you might be surprised by different modern designs on the market. Check out Japanese style, corner or walking bathtubs, some of those might be what you desire.

New shapes of tubs will be ideal for those looking to relax after a long day.

#7 Embrace Open Shower Concept

When you want to visually increase the size of the area, without losing conveniences, open showers are the way to go. They lack privacy but offer increased shower space, which will make the area look bigger than it is.

Get an open shower, and your area will feel bigger.

#8 Asymmetrical Mirrors Give out a Unique Look

No bathroom is complete without a mirror, and odd-shaped ones are a growing trend in design. Asymmetrical mirrors come in unique geometrical shapes, and they will give your room personality and memorable aesthetics.

Advanced Mirror With Integrated Lighting Is the Way to Go

We live in a modern age, so it’s no wonder that mirrors are becoming smarter. They can have anti-fog technologies, USB charging stations, and even smart touch features. Also, lighting has become an integral part of mirrors. They come with back and from light that can accommodate all of your needs.

Odd shaped mirrors are fun, and they give a new and unique look to your area.

#9 Sometimes, Less Is More

If you are wondering what’s the up-and-coming trend for those that are not the biggest fans of clutter and a lot of furniture, you will be happy to know that the minimalistic style is fashionable again. It can be seen in sleek and modern geometrical shapes. Despite the lack of accessories, the minimalist aesthetic should not be monotonous. Use plants and glassy silver undertones to make it comfortable and calming.

Pedestal Sink Gives Emits a Minimal Look

When you are aiming for that calming minimalistic vibe, consider using pedestal sinks, because they pass out that minimal look you might be searching for. They are the purest form of sink possible, with only water and basin.

Pedestal sinks are an unavoidable part of minimalism.

#10 Underfloor Heating Will Keep You Warm During the Winter

Do you want to ditch the slippers you wear to tackle cold floors? Invest in a heating system under it. Underfloor heating keeps bathrooms warm and comfy, and it can be put under tile, wood, vinyl, and concrete. Besides keeping you warm, it can reduce noise levels.

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